Wedding Budget Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Budget Mistakes to Avoid In our last issue, issue 29, we showed you a breakdown of the average percentage a couple may spend on the different elements of their wedding day. It is a great guide when figuring out the budget for your wedding. The breakdown is not intended to be used literally but…

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Wedding Theme: Do You Need One?

Wedding Theme: Do You Need One? These days, almost anything can be used as a theme for a wedding day—books, movies, TV shows, a design style, etc. But is it necessary to have a specific theme set for your big day? Here we will discuss some pros and cons of having a themed wedding, and…

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Ways to Relieve Wedding Stress

Ways to Relieve Wedding Stress Planning a wedding can be full of stress and anxiety. The overwhelming feeling of everything that needs to get done and then making sure it all goes over smoothly can take a toll on you days and weeks before your big day. We want things to be perfect but need…

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Wedding Budget Breakdown

Wedding Budget Breakdown In our last issue, we discussed the average cost of a wedding in 2022 being $30,000 based on a study by The Knot Real Weddings. This may or may not be your budget, and that’s ok. To help you plan your wedding day and ensure it’s within your budget, we will break…

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Creating Your Reception Playlist

Creating Your Reception Playlist Do you remember the music at the last wedding you attended? Are there specific songs that stand out? When choosing the music for your wedding day, these are good questions to ask yourself and your significant other. Remember the music you enjoyed at other weddings, what others enjoyed, and what you…

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QAB Loves: Hanging Flower Arrangements

QAB Loves: Hanging Flower Arrangements As someone who stalks everything related to weddings, I find new things to fall in love with. Recently, I have seen more weddings changing the look and feel of their venues simply by hanging florals or greenery from ceilings and rafters. There are many different ways to hang them, but…

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