2023 Trends to Watch For

Are you looking for inspiration for your upcoming wedding? After some research, we have the scoop on some trends we think will be big in the 2023 wedding year. From photos to colors to cake, we covered our top 5 favorite trends we plan to see from our local love submissions this year. 


One of the top places couples look for wedding inspiration is Pinterest. This online mood board is full of ideas from invitations, to table decorations, to entire wedding themes. Each year, Pinterest drops a list of trends they expect to see the following year based on users’ common searches. Their trend forecasting shows that colorful wedding details could be big in 2023. From bridesmaid’s dresses to florals, we hope to see lots of color this wedding season. But based on Pinterest’s data the colors we may see most are burn orange, copper, rust or terracotta. Some great colors for the fall season.

Love Drunk Blurry Photos

This next trend has already hit the Quincy area as I’ve seen some of the local photographers using it. Blurry photos, or love drunk blurry photos as they call them, are new fun photos to add to your wedding day. These kids of photos have an old retro feel but still make a dramatic statement. It really does give the feeling of being love drunk. If this is something you would like to add to your wedding day photos make sure to get with your photographer before the big day.

Private Last Dance

From the moment you wake up on you wedding day it may seem like you’re go go go, with not much alone time to be with each other. A private last dance can help slow things down at the end of your beautiful yet chaotic day and allow you to connect and reminisce about the past few hours where you were surrounded by family and friends who were celebrating you and the beginning of the next chapter in your lives. This time alone also makes your wedding feel more intimate and personal, rather than just one big public event. You have that little bit of time to express your love again and really make it something to remember. 

Unique Wedding Cakes

We love the traditional tiered wedding cakes but what about wedding cakes with separated tiers? Or cakes inspired by the brides wedding dress, or even upside-down tiered cakes? These kinds of wedding cakes are proof new couples are breaking the mold on the traditional things you find at weddings. Unexpected floral details, bright and bold colors, unique structural elements and even vintage-inspired cakes and something to watch for in 2023.

Colored Wedding Dresses

If you are looking to add some personality and a little flair to your big day, then having a colored wedding dress will definitely make a statement. With this as an option you can be as unique as you want. We’ve seen blue and red dresses, floral gowns, as well as Ombre styled dresses that still have your traditional white but with that added color. This really is a fantastic way to express yourself and your style.