From Caroline:

Christian and I starting dating almost 4 years ago after his brother and sister-in-law encouraged him to slide into my DMs (after Danielle got my approval, of course). We would take turns driving an hour from Quincy to Keokuk every chance we got, and when that still wasn’t enough time together, I decided to quit my job and move in after just 3 months! I knew Christian was my person early on and everything just fell in place after that. I found my dream job, we adopted a kitten, bought our first house, and had the best surprise – getting pregnant with our daughter! Christian proposed to me shortly after we found out, but swore he had purchased the ring before we knew and had the receipt to prove it!

We had a busy year of planning for both a baby and a wedding! Our daughter was born in April and has brought so much joy to our lives. We were so excited to be able to include her in our day as the flower girl. She had just gotten sitting down the week before our wedding and was able to be rolled dawn the aisle in a wagon by by nephews. She definitely stole the show!

We were planning for a beautiful fall day at the end of September, but instead ended up with a scorching hot 90+ degree day. Luckily a little cloud offered some shade and saved our ceremony. Everything turned out even better than we expected, and we wouldn’t change a thing. It was a beautiful and fun day surrounded by all of our favorite people!

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