Ways to Relieve Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding can be full of stress and anxiety. The overwhelming feeling of everything that needs to get done and then making sure it all goes over smoothly can take a toll on you days and weeks before your big day. We want things to be perfect but need help to avoid becoming overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some things to do to relieve the stress and wedding day jitters. 

•Go on a date with your partner, but refrain from discussing the wedding planning. Stay connected to them and remember why you’re getting married. This one is super important because you don’t want to lose the connection. 

•Squeeze in some time for a spa day with friends. This will allow you to relax and keep the wedding stress minimal. 

•Get up and move. Exercising regularly helps relieve all types of stress. A long walk can clear your mind, help you refocus, and feel refreshed.

•Do not lose sleep. You don’t want to feel exhausted after wedding planning or on the day of your wedding, so ensure you get good quality sleep every night. Limit or cut screen time before bed, and maybe take a relaxing warm bath. 

•Write in a journal. Sitting down and putting your feelings on paper can lift a weight. It can reduce stress and anxiety and help remove any negative thoughts you may be having.

•Talk with the people you love but not about the wedding. Stay connected with them to help keep your mind off wedding stress.

•Reading a book can help you escape wedding planning. They let you get lost in their story or help you take your mind off other things and unwind. 

•Try relaxation by meditating, deep breathing to help bring you back to calm, and yoga.

•Call up your friends and go out. Grab dinner or drinks, or take a walk in the park. This can refresh your mind and uplift your mood.

Stressing out while planning a wedding may happen easily if you are not already doing some of the things listed here. If you are engaged and have yet to start your wedding planning, note these ways to keep the stress of wedding planning at bay.