Creating Your Reception Playlist

Do you remember the music at the last wedding you attended? Are there specific songs that stand out? When choosing the music for your wedding day, these are good questions to ask yourself and your significant other. Remember the music you enjoyed at other weddings, what others enjoyed, and what you did not like.

When you and your soon-to-be spouse start thinking about the music you want to play at your wedding, think about the music you love. To help with that, think about happy memories. Were there songs playing during the memory? Maybe there is a song that reminds you of a happy moment you both shared. Think about your close family and friends as well. There may be a song you share with your best friend or one you and your mom dance to every time it comes on. These will help add a great personal touch to your wedding day playlist.

The music you select can help set the overall vibe you want for your wedding reception, so take your time, chat with your DJ or Band, and choose the best songs. There are millions of songs worldwide, so every wedding reception should be unique. The right songs can add energy to a room and fuel the vibe for the evening, but the wrong songs can also affect the party.

While you’re looking through all the music in the world, trying to pick the best songs for your big day, create a “must-play” list and a “do-not-play” list. These will help your entertainers plan for the evening. They are professionals and know how to read a room, but having your playlist can help them use your choices to spark the vibe. It’s good to have a “do-not-play” list as well. It may be more important than your “must-play” list. Some songs can affect the vibe you want to set and cause your guests to leave the dance floor.

You may have a vibe you want to set but also keep your guests in mind. Everyone likes different styles of music, so don’t be afraid to crossover from country to hip-hop to rock. The great thing is that artists from different genres have collaborated, so why can’t you mix it up for your wedding reception? At the end of the day, what kind of party or experience are you looking to provide your guests? Fun experiences are the most memorable. After all, it’s your wedding day soundtrack; make it what you, your spouse, and your guest will love.