QAB Loves: Hanging Flower Arrangements

As someone who stalks everything related to weddings, I find new things to fall in love with. Recently, I have seen more weddings changing the look and feel of their venues simply by hanging florals or greenery from ceilings and rafters. There are many different ways to hang them, but most importantly, different ways to style them to create the aesthetic you want on your wedding day. 

I’ve seen these fantastic arrangements hanging at the altar for a ceremony, above a sweetheart’s table at a reception, and at the guest tables. They can make a statement and cause a wow effect on your guests as a focal point to the entire event. They are pretty impressive and beautiful to look at. The sky is the limit on these as there are many ways to arrange and display them.

While falling down the rabbit hole on the idea of hanging floral and greenery arrangements, I found some valuable tips if you consider them for your wedding day. 

•A hanging arrangement will be a great choice to save space on long tables.

•Make sure your venue can hang these arrangements but also, is it allowed? Some venues may have a policy against them. 

•If allowed at your venue, ensure you can give your florist access and enough time to build and hang the arrangements.

•Book a professional florist. These are most likely not a “do it yourself” job unless you are already familiar with them.

•To keep costs down, shop local and try to use 

in-season flowers. You can even use artificial flowers with extra foliage to stay within your budget. 

• If you use real flowers or greenery, ensure the room stays air-conditioned or cool so they do not wilt.

These unique hanging floral and greenery arrangements create the right kind of drama for your wedding day and have a huge impact visually. Your guests are sure to remember them.