Men’s Wedding Bands

Congratulations on your engagement! With the excitement and fun of the ongoing parts of planning your wedding you might have forgot or pushed off one main thing, THE GROOMS RING! As an essential step in the wedding planning process, the grooms wedding band is often outshined by all the other exciting things about a wedding. But at the end of the day, the groom deserves to find a unique and special ring as well.

If your significant other in not known to wear other pieces of jewelry, then the wedding band may be the first piece of meaningful jewelry they own. The good news is there is no shortage in options for wedding bands, regardless of their unique personality, budget, or lifestyle. So, keep reading to learn just how unique a man’s wedding band can be. 

Your Lifestyle

Before we jump in, the first thing to keep in mind while shopping for the best ring is your lifestyle. Do you use your hands a lot for your job? Is it rough or dirty work? Jobs like construction work, mechanic, or even a chef use their hands often so you want a ring that is scratch resistant, but also durable and comfortable. If the day-to-day use of your hands is less demanding then you might want something stylish, detailed or unique to your personality.

Metal Type

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and the list goes on. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing what metal you want for your band. The most desired and common metal used in rings today is gold. An important factor to keep in mind with gold is its durability and hardness depends on the karat size. 

One of the most prestigious, and expensive metals is platinum. As a white metal it’s long wearing and already exceptionally white so it will not need rhodium plated like white gold. They use almost 100% purity in these rings and since it is a dense metal the ring will feel heavier than other options.

Silver is another option for a wedding band but it’s not as popular. It’s a softer metal which makes it more susceptible to scratching and other damage. Even though it has a greater tendency to oxidize and turn black, it is easy to restore with silver jewelry cleaner. For this reason, most silver jewelry is used on occasion and not for every day wear like a wedding ring.

Another durable option for men’s wedding bands is Titanium. As the strongest naturally occurring metal on earth, Titanium has become a popular option. It’s very light weight, despite its strength, but a good thing about its strength is that it’s less susceptible to bending, dents and scratches. It’s also 100% hypo-allergenic making it great for people who have reactions to other metals. There is one downside to this metal though. Titanium cannot be soldered or resized, so make sure you get fitted for this metal accurately

Different Styles

Men do have options available as far as styles and design. You can still go with the classic look of a smooth or lightly textured ring as it is a timeless tradition and still the most popular. But if you are looking for something trendy, carved rings are moving up the popular list as far as being fashionable and unique. And then there are diamond bands. Say bye to the days that only the bride had the bling. Men have options now for diamond accents that really help add a little of your personality to your band. There are also alternative style rings. Ones made of cobalt chrome or ceramic if you’re looking for a more modern option.

Shapes and Finishes

Some band shapes you may find are domed, which has a soft, rounded classic look, comfort fit, which is obviously comfortable to wear with a modern look and feel, channel, to keep diamonds in place and beveled, which has rounded edges for increased comfort while appearing stylish and sophisticated. 

The texture, or finish of a metal is one of the largest appeals of wedding rings for men. Polished, being the most common, has a smooth, reflective finish that gives that classic, traditional look. Satin finish is also known for a smooth surface, but unlike the polished finish, it is not reflective. Hammered is another finish, obtaining its name because of the dents all around the ring that are created with a jewelry hammer. And lastly, the brushed texture on the brushed finish, resembles light brush strokes but with a soft shine like a matte finish. 

Still think finding the perfect ring for your bride was hard? There are plenty of options for men’s rings as well. Take your time and find the one that best fits you and your lifestyle.