Trending Suits

There has been a big shift in the menswear industry over the past few years. As grooms have been more involved with the wedding planning process, they too have leaned more into their personal style when it comes to choosing their wedding day attire. Some bold trends have started, leaving a mark for all to remember. From accessories that make a statement to the classic tuxedo, here are some ideas for the groom to consider on their wedding day style.

Modern Suits

One suit that offers versatility in the dress code for your wedding day is the modern suit. Any formal wedding dress code can be satisfied with a three-piece suit. An added benefit to the modern suit is the options on your fit. From tailored to slim-fit styled suits, you can choose the one that best compliments you, gives you confidence, and remains comfortable. 

Textured Fabrics

Velvet, tweed, seersucker, and linen are trending fabrics right now and are making a statement in the menswear industry. Different fabrics can help if you are having a summer or winter wedding. Linen or seersucker can keep you keep cool during your summer wedding, and velvet makes a great choice to keep warm for those winter weddings. One thing to remember before you choose your fabric is to make sure what you choose goes along with the aesthetic of your wedding day. If you’re looking at a black-tie event, you might not want to choose a casual fabric like linen. 

Bold Colors

Want to make a bold statement on your wedding day that everyone will remember? Choosing a bold color for your wedding attire will do just that. This is an ongoing trend that we will most likely see for a while because it’s another way for you to add your personality and character to any attire on your wedding day. Before jumping in with a bold color, make sure you chat with your bride first. You don’t want your color choice to clash with the wedding colors palette.

Statement Accessories

Adding some personal flair to your attire is becoming more common with grooms as they seek to add their own personality to the wedding day. Making memorable impressions with bold ties, unique cufflinks, suspenders, and pocket squares really adds character to the groom’s wedding attire. We may even see an increase in modern takes on boutonnieres as grooms look to make their personal statements. 

The Classic Tuxedo

You cannot go wrong with the classic tuxedo. Given its place in history and that it’s considered the gold standard, the classic tuxedo will be around for a while. And trends show that there’s been an increase in grooms moving back towards the elegance of the classic tuxedo. It radiates sophistication and a clean, polished look for the groom.