QAB Loves: Styled Shoots

You might be thinking, what is a styled shoot, and why do you have them? In the wedding world, a styled shoot is a staged wedding similar to a real wedding. Vendors come together and plan the day just like a couple would plan their wedding day. Once the vision has been put together, a photographer and videographer capture all the details of the staged wedding. After the content has been edited, all the participating vendors will have access to it for use in social media, websites, and other marketing. 

Although styled shoots are not real weddings, there are plenty of reasons to have them. They help push vendors to stay creative and on top of trends and predict possible new trends in the industry. They are a great way for a vendor to build a portfolio. They all have to start somewhere, so why not start with a styled shoot to gain more experience? They’re always staying educated in their fields. One of the best things about a styled shoot is the relationships vendors build with each other. Whether they are seasoned in the industry or brand new, styled shoots are a great way for vendors to connect and get a sense of each other’s styles and work ethic before they start referring each other.

So why are styled shoots relevant to engaged couples? You can obtain ideas for your wedding day and see more updated and consistent work for vendors you may be interested in hiring to help you with your wedding planning. You can also see which vendors work well together and who would be best to bring your dream wedding day to life.