QAB Loves From the Past…

As someone who loves the vibe and atmosphere of a winery it’s easy to guess that I love vineyard weddings. From the locations with amazing views, to the ones tucked back off the beaten path, wineries are a great location for your wedding. There are so many options as far as the vibe you are looking for from your wedding day. Some of the local wineries have that rustic feel, an amazing old barn, a modern blank white space for any of your creative designs, beautiful views overlooking a bluff, a large raised open deck for ceremonies, and one of my favorites are the actual vineyard fields that make for a great background for any photo. So, here are a few weddings from our past issues that took place at a few local wineries. 

1. A June wedding at Pointe D’Vine from issue 2. 

With amazing views and open areas, Pointe D’Vine makes for a great spot for outside weddings. As you can see from this wedding the beautiful landscape behind them really makes for a great backdrop during your ceremony. 

2. An October wedding at Pointe D’Vine from issue 8.

A beautiful old, well maintained barn. Is that enough said? This barn is such a signature piece at Pointe D’Vine it’s hard to not want it as part of your wedding day. 

3. A June wedding at Lake Hill Winery from issue 9.

Who wouldn’t want to get married under a pergola, next to a beautiful lake, surrounded by their family and friends. You can find this at Lake Hill Winery and it makes for a great wedding ceremony location. Afterwards you can make your way up to the banquet hall for your reception. 

4. A September wedding at Lake Hill Winery from issue 10.

Rows and rows of grape vines make for great photos of the bride and groom and even the wedding party. So many options there. And everything just glows during sunset, which is amazing and I love it.

5. A styled wedding shoot at Spirit Knob Winery from issue 16.

What an awesome place to show off your wedding cake than on the wine bar with a wine rack and collection of yummy tasting wines in the background. This cake was from a styled wedding shoot done a while back by Amy Deters with Above & Beyond by Amy.