From Breanna:

My husband and I are classic high school sweethearts. When we were in 8th grade I knew that this man was going to be my forever and always, him on the other hand, it took him until our sophomore year of high school. From asking me to be his girlfriend, to be his fiancé, he has always made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. When we got engaged I was still finishing up college, so we decided to wait until I graduated. That was 2 years of planning, 2 years of stress and 2 years of chaos, but come our wedding day all stress and chaos paid off.

This man sweared up and down that he was NOT going to shed a single tear on our wedding day and as soon as he saw me walk down that aisle it was game over for him. He truly means the world to me and I’m so thankful to be his wife. Our wedding was definitely a mash between Trevor’s Celtic side and my love for cows. Now I know it sounds like these two patterns should in no way go together but in little bits in pieces they fit perfectly together. Our wedding day was very special to me specifically because we got married on what use to be on my grandpas farm and it made me feel as if he was still with me that day! I think our favorite part of our wedding was our first look together, our vows, and our party bus stop to carters before the reception! We are truly blessed to have had such an amazing day with such great friends and family to surround us with love and support.

It all started in high school and I was a very oblivious guy. It took me a while to find Breanna, we were kind of opposites. She was good at English, but at math and I was good at history while she hated it. Sophomore year in drama club, Bre and I started spending a little more time together and after she invited me to go see the live action Beauty and The Beast movie I knew she was my person. We got married 4/22/23 and in my vows I put “We may be opposites but it’s hard to build a puzzle with the same pieces” I love that she puts up with all my antics and allowed me to embrace my Celtic heritage on our wedding day by letting me wear my kilt.

Local Vendors

Photographer: Doug Ewing Photography

Ceremony: Windsong Acres

Reception: Holiday Inn

Flowers: County Market on 48th

Entertainment: Pizzaz Entertainment

Dress: Girls in White Satin