Throwback Tuesday: Ceres & Brad’s Local Love Story

Ceres and Brad were featured as one of the Local Love couples in our April 2019 Issue. Haven’t read their story? We’re featuring it here on the blog so you can check it out! 

Ceres & Brad, married 10.13.2018. Photographer: Guyla Behring

From Ceres: 

“Do you know that feeling deep in your soul when you’ve never been more sure of a decision in your life? Yeah, I didn’t either, until I said yes to you forever.” This quote comes from the letter I wrote to Brad the morning of our wedding day. This is a feeling I had never experienced before, and was one that I knew did not develop lightly. Brad and I consider ourselves “unconventional” high school sweethearts. We met in 2009, when I was accidentally placed into a junior/senior level elective class. It was a rather small class of only nine students – eight of which were upperclassmen… and me, a terrified freshman. Each of the class members and our teacher knew there was a spark long before we were willing to admit it, and to this day like to remind us of that. We never in our wildest dreams imagined our relationship could withstand the tests and turbulence young love and years of long distance endures.

Since we fell in love at such a young age, we dated longer than most. Seven years into our relationship, Brad decided to ask the long awaited question that he and all of our friends and family knew my exact answer to, “It’s about time!” The day he proposed will forever stand out to me as an incredibly special occasion, not only because we committed to our future together, but because he managed to keep a secret from me for the first time in our seven year relationship. I was on a girls trip to Chicago with some girlfriends from graduate school. Brad and my best friend coordinated with my friends on the trip for him to surprise me at the end of Navy Pier. Before the proposal at lunch that November day, my best friend asked Brad if he needed to practice what he was going to say, to which he responded, “No, I know in the moment it will all come to me perfectly, I don’t want to rehearse something that would limit how I feel in that very moment.” Brad tends to be a very well spoken man, so she naturally trusted his response.

When I turned around and saw him there he was already crying, an emotional response I had only witnessed from him once before. All I could mutter is, “What are you doing here?”, to which he responded, “You know why I’m here.” His “perfectly in the moment” response has become quite the laughing point with family and friends, but it’s at the heart of the very reason I fell in love with him and continue to love him more with each passing day. Our wedding day was full of romance, surprise, sparkle, tears, laughs, and love. It is a day we will forever cherish, with memories we will reminisce frequently, but if we’re both being honest, we love the lazy days home alone with one another just as much. When you marry your
best friend, every day — even the ordinary ones — can feel as exciting and special as your wedding day. We’ve loved all of the highs, lows, and in-betweens of our journey together thus far, and look forward to laughing longer, smiling bigger, and cherishing each other more than we thought possible the day before last.

Photographer: Guyla Behring Photography., 573.795.2344
Wedding Planner: Amy Deters Events., 217.248.7912
Ceremony Venue: Zion Lutheran Church. 210 S. Spring St, Palmyra, MO., 573.769.2739
Reception Venue : The Ambiance., 217.222.1111
Caterer: Riverside Smoke House and Grill., 217.214.7675
Florist: Paige’s Poseys.
Cake and desserts: The Yum Factory., 847.772.8877
Hair/Makeup: Shear Sisterz, Palmyra, MO. 573.769.0444
Reception DJ: Firestorm Entertainment, Brett.
Phone number: 217.440.9141
Rentals: Something Borrowed, 217.653.0308
Picture Location: Dick Brothers Brewery., 217.224.9892

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