Planning A Budget-Friendly Wedding

We get it, planning a wedding is expensive. However, there are little things you can do along the way to save some dough. Here are our tips for planning a beautiful wedding on a budget! 

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.

If you know how much you have to spend right off the bat, you will be less tempted to spend more than that. 

2. Prioritize! 

Decide what you want to invest in and what you can be frugal about. Every bride has something they want to splurge on, like a designer gown or an incredible photographer. Decide where you want to cut costs, whether it be the cake or party favors. Your wallet will thank you later! 

3. DIY’s are your BFF. 

Put those Pinterest boards to use! Gather your bridesmaids and grab a bottle of wine and make a night out of it — centerpieces, table numbers, seating chart cards…the opportunities are endless! 

4. Utilize Amazon and Etsy. 

Both websites have incredible deals and the ability to buy in bulk. Perfect for wedding favors, flower girl dresses and d├ęcor!

5. Limit your guest list.

The bigger the wedding, the bigger the price tag. Shaving your guest list down to only include friends and family will cut costs. Less people in attendance will leave you with less mouths to feed and more space. You may even consider a Micro-Wedding, like the ones local vendor Sara Elizabeth Weddings plans. 

6. Make your own desserts.

You can still uphold tradition with a classic wedding cake, but having one large enough to feed every guest can get pricey. Opt for a smaller cake to share with your spouse and make your own cupcakes or cookies for your guests! 

Photo: McDonald Video & Photography

7. Have a limited bar.

Most couples want to treat their guests to an open bar, but the bill can rack up quickly. Offering a limited bar with beer, wine, and a couple of signature cocktails is a good way to keep your guests happy without breaking the bank. 

8. Be creative with your location.

Traditional settings can be rather pricey, so get creative! You can have a beautiful ceremony or reception in a venue you wouldn’t expect. 

9. Utilize connections. 

If you have a friend or family member who specializes in an area of wedding expertise, they may give you a discounted rate. If not, ask around to find out if any of your loved ones know a vendor who offers good deals. 

10. Come to QAB’s Wedding Expo! 

Many of the area’s best vendors attend our expo and are ready to book clients just like you! Many of these vendors offer special rates exclusive to our expo. This year’s expo will take place the weekend of January 10th-12th. Look out for more information on our website!






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