8 Ways Instagram Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

Pinterest has been the go-to app for wedding planning for almost a decade, but recently, Instagram has become an excellent tool to utilize when planning your big day, too. Here are 8 creative ways to utilize the app that you may not have thought of! 

  1. You can follow wedding magazines and blogs for inspiration.

If you’re someone who doesn’t quite know what you want your wedding to look like, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Following wedding planners, magazines, and bloggers on Instagram is a great way to get inspired! Even if you’ve had your color scheme and tablescape planned since the moment you got engaged, seeing firsthand what other people did for their weddings may give you ideas you never would’ve thought of otherwise. 

2.  The “bookmark” feature is your bff. 

Scrolling through your feed and found an idea you love from one of those wedding bloggers we mentioned above? Instead of flooding your camera roll with screenshots that’ll take forever to find, bookmark them and you’ll be able to pull them up at a moment’s notice. 

Photo: Courtney Dueppengiesser

3. Connect with vendors. 

Most vendors you’ll need are using Instagram to promote their businesses. If you see a wedding you love on your feed, chances are the vendors will be tagged. Follow them and look through their pictures to see if their work is something you’d truly be interested in, then you can shoot them a DM and let them know you’re looking to hire them for your special day!

4. Influencer discounts.

If you found the shoes you want to wear down the aisle or some makeup you want to include in your bridesmaids favors via Instagram, chances are the influencer that posted them has a discount or affiliate code to go with it. These codes usually get you anywhere from 10-20% off. Use this and save some cash! 

5. Pick up some pointers from the professionals. 

Not only will wedding bloggers and planners offer tips and tricks, but so will people in other areas of expertise. Skincare professionals, fitness influencers, hairstylists and makeup artists also offer information that may be valuable in preparation for your big day! 

6. Check out different hashtags. 

Looking for the perfect hairstyle, picture poses or makeup look? There’s a hashtag for everything on Instagram! Just use the ‘”tags” filter when typing into the search bar and thousands of photos under that tag will be at your fingertips. Not to mention, you may find the perfect hashtag for your wedding photos! 

7. Tag your friends and fiancé in posts to share your ideas. 

Found a photo on your feed you want to recreate or the cutest wedding favors? Tag your maid of honor or fiancé to share your thoughts with the tap of a button. 

8. Figure out what you don’t want.

While Instagram is an excellent way to get inspiration for things you want to incorporate in your own wedding, it’s also a great way to discover things you may not want. You can use the bookmarks feature to keep examples of these things to share with your vendors so they can bring your perfect vision to life! 


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