Should you BOOK your vendors AT our show?

Coming prepared to book on January 12th might be the best decision you’ve made since saying, “YES!” This is the only time you will see deals like this. Think of it like the “Black Friday Shopping” of weddings… only you don’t have to wake up at 2am and climb a mountain of crazy shoppers to get the TV. You simply hand your QAB CASH to a vendor, sign your name, and head over to the bar to celebrate! And, just like Black Friday Shopping, you probably won’t end up with a TV… but you WILL have your favorite vendors booked.

If you are still concerned about making such big decisions so quickly – you shouldn’t be… and here’s why!

In bigger markets, booking at an expo might not be a good thing. Brides and grooms, pressured to make a fast decision, might end up choosing someone they would not have otherwise. It’s definitely different here.

We all know who the vendors are and what type of services they provide. If not, each vendor is listed in our Vendor Catalog, available in each issue and also, here. Do your research ahead of time. Take a look at the companies you are considering, ask friends for advice and check the budget. More and more brides come ready to book… and that means less available dates with your preferred vendors.

So don’t miss your chance to book vendors on January 13th! And use your QAB Cash to help your dollars stretch even further.

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