QAB Cash is back!

QAB cash is the best thing to happen to our expo since the V.I.B. Lounge. (More info on that here!)

Here’s HOW it works:

First: We give you fake money (but it’s pretty)

Then: You find vendors accepting it at our show (they will have signs)

And Then: You give them our money INSTEAD of your money!

Finally: You do a happy dance.

Here’s WHY it works:

  • Vendors want to encourage you book their services as soon as possible so they can plan their year (they like vacations too).
  • They usually offer show specials, and sometimes people don’t notice them (yeah… it’s really sad).
  • We think giving you cash to hold on to, will help you remember (you’re welcome)
  • Once you’re booked, you don’t have to worry about losing your vendor to someone else!
  • Here are some pics of the vendors who accepted QAB cash last year. Aren’t they awesome?

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