Bridal Garage Sale: ADVICE FOR SELLERS

Are you planning to sell wedding items on January 12th? Make sure you register to attend by filling out this form!

You can also try our email, OR call,

Don’t over-price!

We have seen great items get hauled into our space and then hauled back out. When pricing your items, think about the following:

How much value they might lose EVERY DAY they stay in your mom’s basement.

How much you would want them to go to another couple who would really enjoy them.

How “less cash,” is ALWAYS more than “NO cash.”

How much your new husband would rather take you out for a drink after the show… instead of hauling everything back to your mom’s.

So price things to sell. Trust us. Your mom would LOVE to have her basement back!

Plan for the weather

Sometimes we have a bad storm on expo day… sometimes we don’t. But make sure you pack each of your items appropriately. Don’t walk 52 tall vases in ONE AT A TIME… or the show will be over by the time they are set up.

Give us a head’s up about the major things you want to bring!

We don’t need a full inventory list, but if you know that you will be brining 18 tubs of silk flower arrangements, we will make sure to give you more than one table. Again, there is no cost to reserve tables and we have cleared a lot of space for this garage sale.

Partner your brides

If you have an item that you want top dollar for, and more than one person shows interest… see if you can partner them up. We have seen two sets of couples coordinate using the same items on different dates and work out a price and deal that works for everyone.

And if all else fails… Remind couples that they can come back to our show and sell their items next year!

If you are interested in reserving a table in our Bridal Garage Sale fill out this form.

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