Bridal Garage Sale: ADVICE FOR BUYERS

You might have heard that we are having a Bridal Garage Sale. Well… we are… and we are super excited! Here are a few tips from our team to help you make the most of your time at our expo on January 12th! If you haven’t registered to attend… be sure to do so here!

Don’t expect to get things CHEAP

Don’t think you will get $50 vases for $1. That might work in a traditional garage sale where things have been collecting dust on Grandma’s shelves for 30 years. But remember, these are things that have been RECENTLY used. And the previous owners still have receipts burning holes into their budgets.

Be kind when negotiating

Don’t offend people who spent HOURS and HOURS gluing little diamond studs to 500 candle holders by offering $5 for the whole box. Try something like, “Wow… you made these yourself? I am sure that took a lot of time and I can tell you worked hard because they look amazing. You must have really enjoyed them in your daughter’s wedding. I am on a very tight budget. Any chance you would be willing to negotiate on the price? I think they would be perfect for my wedding!” See how nice that sounds?!?

Work with other brides

See something you like, but think it is out of your budget? Let the seller know that you would be willing to share the item with another bride. Leave your number and ask the seller to contact you if they find another buyer who will to sell them to you, or buy them from you… before or after. This makes the deal more affordable!

BRING CASH… and break it!

Not every seller will remember to bring enough cash to break everyone’s 20’s… but WILL inevitably sell 8 candle holders at only $2 a piece tp 15 different people, each. Make your afternoon go smoother by bringing smaller increments of cash. It might not hurt to bring the checkbook too… just in case.

And if all else fails… Remember that you can always come back to our show and sell items next year!

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