6 Reasons To Plan a Summer Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to choose the wedding date. Weddings are beautiful in every season, but we’re here to tell you some of the best things about having a summer wedding. 

You can take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

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Are you dreaming of sunset photos? Longing for an outdoor ceremony? Then summer is the perfect time for you to tie the knot. Of course weather varies based on geographical location, but across the board, summer has the most consistent weather of the four seasons. 

The venue options are endless.

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Because the weather is so nice, your venue options are abundant. You can opt for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception or vice versa, or have the entire celebration outdoors! The summer heat and sunshine almost guarantee a beautiful day. 

More friends and family will be able to attend.

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With less conflicting school and work schedules, summer weddings tend to have the biggest turnout. Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July can be turned into long weekends for out of town guests. Couples who want as many of their loved ones to be there as possible may opt for a summer wedding for this reason.

You’ll have a bigger flower selection.

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Summer offers a wide variety of flowers that wouldn’t be available otherwise. More flowers are in bloom between the months of June and August, so chances are, you’ll be able to get the flowers you want at a more reasonable price since they won’t have to be shipped in from somewhere else. Not to mention, the greenery will be gorgeous in your photos!

Bring on the bright colors! 

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 While muted tones like blush and powder blue are gorgeous year round, summer gives you the freedom to play with any color pallet your heart desires! What better season to bust out beautiful bright blues, corals and yellows? You’ll even have the freedom to play around with these colors in your bouquet. 

Never-ending honeymoon options 

Most resorts across the world plan for summer to be their busiest season, so you can guarantee excellent hotel and shuttle service. Plus, you can bank on the weather being fabulous no matter where you go. 

Longer daylight

Photo: Justine Wright

Since it stays light out longer, you’ll have ample opportunities to take photos outside. You’ll also be able to make the rounds at your reception and enjoy your dinner without having to worry about missing those gorgeous sunset shots. 

Summer weddings are always a hit, and we know that your special day will be no exception!







Pros and Cons of Having Kids At Your Wedding

Creating a guest list is one of the most stressful elements of planning your wedding. You’ll be making a lot of difficult decisions, but deciding whether or not you want to invite children is one of the first you’ll need to make. Little ones can add an element of fun to the celebration, but they also have early bedtimes, unpredictable temperaments, and have the potential to prevent friends and family from enjoying every moment. How do you decide whether to include guests of all ages versus an adults-only celebration? Here are some things to consider.

Con: Added stress on the bride and wedding planner
Having kids at your wedding can be really fun, but also add on stress both mentally and financially. You’ll more than likely have to include things like entertainment for them, a kids menu, extra seating, etc. Not to mention the fact that kids can be unpredictable, so you might be stressed about outbursts or temper tantrums during your romantic ceremony. Limiting the festivities to adults only would alleviate some of these worries.

Pro: You’ll be able to include all family members.

Inviting kids allows all members of the family to be present. It’s also the norm, so you may avoid ruffling some feathers by allowing guests to bring their littles. Years down the road, it’ll feel good to know that your favorite little cousin or nieces and nephews were present for such a special day in your life. 

Con: Parents may not be able to fully let loose.
If parents are worried about making sure their kiddos get enough to eat, aren’t stirring up trouble, or have to step out due to an unexpected tantrum, they may not be able to fully enjoy the celebration. Some may also feel the need to forego alcoholic beverages in front of their kids or end the night early to get them to bed.

Pro: Guests won’t have to stress about finding childcare. 

Being a parent is hard work, and sometimes leaving your child even for the night comes with mommy guilt or non-stop worrying about whether they’ll be okay with the babysitter. Finding reliable childcare can be hard, and allowing guests to bring their kids will prevent the stress that comes with it. They’ll be able to take a deep breath and enjoy the night knowing that their kiddo is safe with them!

Cons: You may have to sensor your celebration.

While kids can be a load of fun, they’re also easily impressionable. You may have a little extra work cut out for you…like encouraging guests to watch their mouths, asking the DJ to sensor music and only play songs with kid-appropriate messages, and making sure your guests don’t get too crazy in front of the munchkins. Plus, their parents will have to be on high-alert to ensure that they don’t accidentally sip on any adult beverages. 

Pro: Kids are FUN! 

There may be a few stressful aspects of allowing kids at your wedding, but above all, they’re a blast to be around. They add something special that other guests can’t. They’ll never fail to lighten things up. Plus, they have some killer dance moves and some of your favorite photos and most cherished memories might stem from their presence.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that it should be whatever is most sensible for you and your partner. As stated in the introduction, this is your day! Whether you decide to include the kiddos or not, your guests will respect whatever decision is made and we are certain your night will be magical and enjoyable.