QAB’s Wedding Expo is Back!

QAB’s Wedding Expo is back for the 5th year in a row! We are so excited to bring area vendors and local couples together again. Each year we try to make our show better. Here’s what you can expect this year!


We only have 75 of these tickets available! We sell out each year. Don’t miss your chance to hang in the V.I.B. Lounge and enjoy coat check, glass of champagne from Oakley Lindsay Center, make-up consultation by Mary Kay, SWAG BAG, appetizers and desserts by Krazy Cakes, and much much more! Learn more here!

Bridal Garage Sale!

Buy gently used wedding items at our Bridal Garage Sale. For a bit of advice on how to come ready to BUY… check out this blog. If you wanted to SELL… check out this blog.

This area of our expo has always been a big hit. Want first dibs at what’s for sale? Buy a VIB Ticket for early entrance at registration. To learn more about this exclusive ticket, click here.


QAB Cash gives you the chance to spend OUR money on YOUR wedding. Upon entry, each bride will receive an envelope with our exclusive QAB Cash. Look for the signs in the booths that say, “QAB CASH ACCEPTED HERE.” If you book on site, you will get the best deals of the year! More info here.

Should you BOOK your vendors AT our show?

Coming prepared to book on January 12th might be the best decision you’ve made since saying, “YES!” This is the only time you will see deals like this. Think of it like the “Black Friday Shopping” of weddings… only you don’t have to wake up at 2am and climb a mountain of crazy shoppers to get the TV. You simply hand your QAB CASH to a vendor, sign your name, and head over to the bar to celebrate! And, just like Black Friday Shopping, you probably won’t end up with a TV… but you WILL have your favorite vendors booked.

If you are still concerned about making such big decisions so quickly – you shouldn’t be… and here’s why!

In bigger markets, booking at an expo might not be a good thing. Brides and grooms, pressured to make a fast decision, might end up choosing someone they would not have otherwise. It’s definitely different here.

We all know who the vendors are and what type of services they provide. If not, each vendor is listed in our Vendor Catalog, available in each issue and also, here. Do your research ahead of time. Take a look at the companies you are considering, ask friends for advice and check the budget. More and more brides come ready to book… and that means less available dates with your preferred vendors.

So don’t miss your chance to book vendors on January 13th! And use your QAB Cash to help your dollars stretch even further.

V.I.B. Lounge, Sponsored by Quality Inn and Suites

Entrance to our Wedding Expos is always free, but three years ago, we added a V.I.B. Lounge. This upgraded LIMITED ticket can be purchased when you register. It has been such a success that we have SOLD OUT each time.

This is an exclusive, ticketed area of the expo that is well worth the price! Our friends at Quality Inn and Suites are sponsoring this EXCLUSIVE LOUNGE again this year! Here are the details

V.I.B. – Very Important Bride (or Grooms) Tickets: $18

  • early entrance (skip the BIG line)!
  • name tags printed on labels to make your correspondence with vendors easy!
  • coat check
  • appetizers and desserts
  • SWAG BAG (which deserves a blog of it’s own, because last years bag had gifts valued WELL OVER the ticket price to get one)!
  • Newest issue of Quincy Area Bridal Magazine (we blush)!

Friends of V.I.B.’s: $10 

  • coat check
  • appetizers and desserts
  • ISSUE  of Quincy Area Bridal Magazine (we blush again)!

If you haven’t registered to attend yet… click here.

QAB Cash is back!

QAB cash is the best thing to happen to our expo since the V.I.B. Lounge. (More info on that here!)

Here’s HOW it works:

First: We give you fake money (but it’s pretty)

Then: You find vendors accepting it at our show (they will have signs)

And Then: You give them our money INSTEAD of your money!

Finally: You do a happy dance.

Here’s WHY it works:

  • Vendors want to encourage you book their services as soon as possible so they can plan their year (they like vacations too).
  • They usually offer show specials, and sometimes people don’t notice them (yeah… it’s really sad).
  • We think giving you cash to hold on to, will help you remember (you’re welcome)
  • Once you’re booked, you don’t have to worry about losing your vendor to someone else!
  • Here are some pics of the vendors who accepted QAB cash last year. Aren’t they awesome?

Our show is the BIGGEST in the area!

We are proud to host the BIGGEST SHOW IN THE TRI STATE AREA. And we have a few parameters we use to verify this statement. Let us count the ways…


Last year, over 1,000 people walked through the Oakley Lindsay Center in Quincy, IL to meet area vendors and to plan their weddings.


Over 60 vendors showcased their goods and services, providing gifts… games… and fun for all who attended.


The Oakley Lindsay Center is the only venue of it’s size, allowing our show to grow EVERY YEAR! No other venue can accommodate this many vendors and guests!


With so many vendors, sponsors and corporate sponsors; QAB is able to coordinate the most AMAZING prizes for area couples. Last year winners enjoyed a honeymoon, $1,000 gift certificates, an iPad, and over 50 gift baskets!

OK…so we’re a pretty big deal 😉 But there are a few things about us that are a bit more “micro.”

our team

No we are not tiny people. But we are a small team of people who work tirelessly all year to bring you a beautiful publication featuring local couples, vendors and venues. We are so proud of our Wedding Expo and work  just as hard to make it the best show in the area!

our office

Most of our team members work from home. We meet in coffee shops, at restaurants, and in each other’s dining rooms. But we DO have a TINY office in the Quincy Business and Technology Center that we LOVE. The building is great and is perfect for our team who is always on the go!

our ego

Ok…  I know we are talking about how awesome we are right now… but we really are a group of down to earth people who are eager to make this publication better. So if you have some tips on how to help us improve… send them our way!

Here a some pics of last year’s show!

Bridal Garage Sale


Ever heard of a bridal garage sale? Well ours is back for the 5th year in a row! If you are interested in selling your gently used items, contact us here. There is NO FEE to hold a booth. We simply ask for 10% of your sales at the end of the night. This is done on the honor system, so… please be honest.

Check out these two blogs for a little advice. There’s something for everyone!

Bridal Garage Sale: ADVICE FOR SELLERS

Bridal Garage Sale: ADVICE FOR BUYERS

Don’t forget to register to attend our 5th Annual Wedding Expo at the Oakley Lindsay Center on January 12th!

To sell items in our garage sale, fill out the form below.

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Bridal Garage Sale: ADVICE FOR BUYERS

You might have heard that we are having a Bridal Garage Sale. Well… we are… and we are super excited! Here are a few tips from our team to help you make the most of your time at our expo on January 12th! If you haven’t registered to attend… be sure to do so here!

Don’t expect to get things CHEAP

Don’t think you will get $50 vases for $1. That might work in a traditional garage sale where things have been collecting dust on Grandma’s shelves for 30 years. But remember, these are things that have been RECENTLY used. And the previous owners still have receipts burning holes into their budgets.

Be kind when negotiating

Don’t offend people who spent HOURS and HOURS gluing little diamond studs to 500 candle holders by offering $5 for the whole box. Try something like, “Wow… you made these yourself? I am sure that took a lot of time and I can tell you worked hard because they look amazing. You must have really enjoyed them in your daughter’s wedding. I am on a very tight budget. Any chance you would be willing to negotiate on the price? I think they would be perfect for my wedding!” See how nice that sounds?!?

Work with other brides

See something you like, but think it is out of your budget? Let the seller know that you would be willing to share the item with another bride. Leave your number and ask the seller to contact you if they find another buyer who will to sell them to you, or buy them from you… before or after. This makes the deal more affordable!

BRING CASH… and break it!

Not every seller will remember to bring enough cash to break everyone’s 20’s… but WILL inevitably sell 8 candle holders at only $2 a piece tp 15 different people, each. Make your afternoon go smoother by bringing smaller increments of cash. It might not hurt to bring the checkbook too… just in case.

And if all else fails… Remember that you can always come back to our show and sell items next year!

Bridal Garage Sale: ADVICE FOR SELLERS

Are you planning to sell wedding items on January 12th? Make sure you register to attend by filling out this form!

You can also try our email, OR call,

Don’t over-price!

We have seen great items get hauled into our space and then hauled back out. When pricing your items, think about the following:

How much value they might lose EVERY DAY they stay in your mom’s basement.

How much you would want them to go to another couple who would really enjoy them.

How “less cash,” is ALWAYS more than “NO cash.”

How much your new husband would rather take you out for a drink after the show… instead of hauling everything back to your mom’s.

So price things to sell. Trust us. Your mom would LOVE to have her basement back!

Plan for the weather

Sometimes we have a bad storm on expo day… sometimes we don’t. But make sure you pack each of your items appropriately. Don’t walk 52 tall vases in ONE AT A TIME… or the show will be over by the time they are set up.

Give us a head’s up about the major things you want to bring!

We don’t need a full inventory list, but if you know that you will be brining 18 tubs of silk flower arrangements, we will make sure to give you more than one table. Again, there is no cost to reserve tables and we have cleared a lot of space for this garage sale.

Partner your brides

If you have an item that you want top dollar for, and more than one person shows interest… see if you can partner them up. We have seen two sets of couples coordinate using the same items on different dates and work out a price and deal that works for everyone.

And if all else fails… Remind couples that they can come back to our show and sell their items next year!

If you are interested in reserving a table in our Bridal Garage Sale fill out this form.

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