20 Questions  • Regan Smith

Regan Smith, a Quincy native, lets us in on life after her big day. Featured in our Local Love section in Issue 11, get more of her story here!

1. What do you remember about your wedding day?
I remember sincerity on my husbands face when he was giving his vows.
2. What song played during your first dance?
God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You: N’Sync
3. What advice would you give a couple planning their wedding now?
Someone else gave me this advice- Pick 5 moments to remember. The day goes by in a blink of an eye. If you make a point to pick your moments before, you will focus on them at that time. One was to focus on my husband during vows and it is one of my best memories.
4. What have you taught your spouse? Maybe a little patience.
How to fold shirts so they don’t look like they should be sitting on a rack in the store! He didn’t know there was even another way.
5. What has your spouse taught you?
How to not sweat the small stuff! Life goes on.
6. When are you happiest together?
When we do the mundane things, take care of the yard, sit on the porch, bike ride, eat dinner.
7. It’s Friday night… what are you two up to?
Binge watching The Office! No shame in our game!
8. What have you learned about your spouse since you’ve been married?
He has a horrible habit of leaving his shoes not off the mat and not on it. I guess I can survive it though.
9. Would you ever consider renewing your vows?
100%: as long as it was genuinely written like our first vows.
10. What advice would you give a soon to be husband?
Make sure you listen to understand and not just to respond.
11. What advice would you give a soon to be wife?
Find ways to laugh about things that don’t go how you think they will.
12. What is one difficult aspect of marriage you didn’t anticipate?
Work hours. It’s difficult when I get off at 3 and he isn’t home until after 6. I always wish we had more time together but we are very lucky in the fact that I can go see him at work!
13. What is one great aspect of marriage you didn’t anticipate?
Doing all the things together that I would have thought were “boring” before. We love sitting outside with the kids, eating dinner together, or just watching funny videos before bed. Those are some of our best moments.
14. What advice would you give newlyweds about merging two families and dealing with “in laws?”
It’s important to remember that everyone involved is a whole person with different feelings and experiences. That needs to be respected. Do your best to split time equally but don’t get caught up in the technicalities.
15. Do you encourage alone time or do you prefer to do things as a couple and why?
I would say we personally get our alone time naturally with our work schedules. He has down time in the morning and I get mine after school. So far, that is more than enough alone time!
16. What is a favorite memory since you’ve been married?
Telling my step children we are expecting was pretty exciting for us! Hollis was pumped to get a brother and Tinsley was excited to get another sibling, although she would have preferred pink balloons to come out of the box. It was a bit entertaining!
17. If you had to pick your marriage theme song… what would it be?
On Top of the World
18. If you could take your honeymoon again, where would you go?
We were supposed to do a family honeymoon on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas but found out we were expecting and has to settle for Disney World. We still would love to make it on the cruise some day! We will be taking a couples honeymoon after the baby comes in early August.

19. What is your funniest or most embarrassing marital memory?
When we were doing front yard work for a period of time, a gas line was broken and the street and our neighbors evacuated. People showed up in hazmat suits to close it off. The news even came! It didn’t help that we had zero grass for months so people were constantly reminding us and commenting on our horrible looking front yard! One year later…. We at least have grass!
20. In an argument, what brings you back together?
We make it a huge point to keep voices down so it’s a conversation and not an argument. It’s okay to disagree but not okay to yell to get your point across. No one wins there. If we are less connected however, we will plan something small with just the two of us such as a dinner or a bike ride.

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